About Us

raybrownejoinery.com.au is a kitchen and bathroom designing company that provides you with unique and innovative ideas to transform your kitchen and bathroom into a dream one.

We have

creative and unique interior designers

We have creative and unique interior designers who will think out of the box and transform every space uniquely to make most of the space and create something very stylish and functional. We work in all sizes to enhance our creativity and get more unique ideas. We provide our unique design ideas and our excellent services at affordable prices.

Services We Provide

unique spaces

Ray Brown Joinery is your dream spot to get your kitchen and bathroom designed and transformed into unique spaces.

style, and spaciousness

We ensure functionality, style, and spaciousness in every space we design.

Our expert,

Our expert, experienced, and creative interior designers are the best, and if you are looking for something unique, then you are at the right place.

creating exceptional

We enjoy creating exceptional spaces and transforming them according to our client's dreams and thoughts.

We provide

our service

We provide our service by first deploying a team to assess the area physically. The team will take all measurements accurately and measure every nook and cranny precisely

The team will also analyse the surrounding areas and the house's theme and will interview the client regarding the details they are looking for.

work and design a 3D model

After that, our team will get to work and design a 3D model using advanced software so that clients can visualize their kitchen and bathroom even before it becomes a reality. The client, at this stage, can make any changes if needed. We ensure the client’s satisfaction is met before the final design, and for this, we take the client through the entire process to keep him updated.